UX Design

Great UX design also meets WCAG Accessibility guidelines, uses SEO best practices, and is unique to your brand.

Wouldn’t it be great if everything was just a little bit easier? Small changes can have big impact to increase understanding, improve conversions, and achieve your goals.

I love to dig into the unique ways a product will be used and build systems that are consistent but flexible. My knowledge of design & development makes code hand-offs easier to save your team time and frustration.

Expert Drupal Front-end Development

Drupal is a powerful tool for complex sites with many types of interrelated content with the need for custom organization. I have 16+ years experience building on Drupal including custom e-commerce membership programs, microsites for non-profits with many regional offices, and publishing outfits with web app integrations. I can partner with you to:

  • Keep your site up-to-date and secure with ongoing Drupal support
  • Upgrade to Drupal 10
  • Mentor or collaborate with internal and external development teams
  • Advise on Drupal architecture, modules, and site building techniques.

E-commerce Solutions for Small Businesses

Custom built plugins and themes to improve your Shopify storefront

It’s amazing that businesses can now have a direct relationship with their customers through online storefronts.

Want to customize your checkout process? Make your Shopify theme better fit your brand? Find ways to increase sales or launch a membership program? Let’s talk!

Fully Customizable Marketing Sites

Completely control your site using the WordPress Site Editor and custom Gutenberg Blocks

Let’s combine the best engineering methodologies with user-focused page creation tools to empower teams to build their websites without always relying on a developer to make changes.

Training, consulting, and development available for:

  • How the Full Site Editor brings the best features of Elementor and Divi to WordPress without additional complexity and bloat of previous-gen themes
  • Building a custom styles and block patterns to incorporate your brand styleguide to balance consistency with flexibility
  • The “no code” tools to speed up creating and editing pages without needing a developer

Training and Strategy Sessions

Engineering Methodologies &
Project Management Bootcamp

Whether you’re scaling up from a single developer to a larger team, bringing more development in-house, or working with a new agency partner, you’ll run into new hurdles as the complexity increases.

In this training, you’ll learn great strategies to keep track of progress, manage code changes, and prevent work from falling through the cracks.

“Lost At Sea?”
Working Remotely First Bootcamp

What makes a company more than remote friendly but Remote First? We’ll go over tools, procedures, and mindsets to reduce frustration and get meaningful work done.

Whether you’re managing a distributed team or just trying to find ways to get more work done from outside an office, this training is for you!

Audits and Reports

Layout Icon
Landing Page Makeover

Sometimes when you’re close to a design you can miss the forest for the trees.

I’ll suggest ways to improve the performance of your website, clarify your messaging, and guide users to your goals.

People Icon
Accessibility Compliance Audit

We’ll go beyond the basics with a user-centered review of ways to make your site easier to use.

Accessibility goes beyond color contrast and keyboard navigation to think about all the use cases of your app.

Trending Up Icon
Performance Tune-up

I’ll review your site and suggest technical ways to improve your WCAG ADA Accessibility, SEO Ranking, and site speed.

It’s not only great for making your site more usable, but also rank better in search!