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It’s time for a people-first approach that integrates design, development, and intentionality.

About Andrew Chernauskas

I combine design knowledge with a software engineering degree, a decade of experience building with Drupal, and a passion for great user experiences.

Throughout my career, I’ve been using technology to connect communities. In the early days, I was at the forefront of uniting video game developers with their fanbases through online communities. More recently, my focus turned to building in-person community by cofounding Erie’s first coworking space. From the start, I’ve been exploring ways to improve working remotely with distributed teams.

Andrew is the kind of person you find very rarely, who is intelligent, loyal and very hard-working. He was always able to do the best work in a fraction of the time expected and did so with a smile. Andrew is not only fun to work with, he gives incredible results that make the whole team look good. I would hire Andrew in a heartbeat.

Katie Postma

Andrew consistently made exciting and effective contributions to our projects. His web design work is consistently clean and creative, and his community initiatives helped create popular initiatives and contributed significantly to our overall marketing and community efforts. I look forward to the next opportunity we have to work together.

Ron Meiners

I commend Andrew on always correctly updating tickets and for properly documenting code changes, which was always very helpful to the rest of our team. Andrew is very easy to work with and is a pleasure to be around, whether remotely or in person.

John Cockerham

Andrew combines impressive artistic and creative ability with solid coding skills. He has strong attention to detail and the ability to juggle multiple projects and shifting priorities. And as a bonus, he’s a first-rate person and a pleasure to work with.

Bill Pirkle

Recent Projects


Reorganized and simplified a mobile app workflow to guide users through a complex signup process

Streamlined page to improve conversions by changing information density and signup form


Built a custom “Free Shipping” progress bar UI to incentivize additional purchases in Shopify

Designed a point-of-sale UX to increase checkout speed and a dashboard UI to gain insight into purchases


Integrated external data sources and data visualizations with a powerful content editing experience

Built regional microsites for a consistent experience across a national organization